Barracuda in the pond!!

On our morning runs we usually circle the ponds within the Mauna Lani beach club at Makaiwa Bay. We often see many forms of wildlife including the schools of milkfish and mullet that thrive in this protective environment. Every now and again we see the fish jump in unison without any apparent provocation but also know predators to these fish enter the ponds immature and small in size then gradually grow large enough to have a their very own buffet with no competitors to keep them in check.

That’s where the Mauna Lani staff step in with bows and arrows as well as baited lines to catch barracudas where they can. Check out the pictures of Oscar’s catch above of a small barracuda. There is another very large one he caught in the Mauna Lani Sea Adventure’s Boat House that looks to be 30-40 pounds. I had always speculated on the presence of these predators but this was the first morning I actually observed one being caught!!