Nohea at Mauna Lani Homes Feature Timberstrand High tech lumber

Our Nohea at Mauna Lani homes features Weyerhaeuser’s Trus Joist Timberstrand LSL Framing lumber throughout all structures and their interior and exterior walls. Some builders use Timberstrand engineered lumber in kitchens and baths where cabinetry, fixtures, and tiles must adhere to straight and true framing. We use it throughout the house to ensure the best builders’ quality. When buyers are spending millions on their Nohea dream home filled with tall walls, open spaces, and filled primarily with exterior windows and sliding doors, it’s essential that the walls are straight, durable, and true and will remain so.

Whether it’s assuring cabinets hang straight or multistory windows or sliding doors work smoothly without losing their seals due to shifting wall structures, Timberstrand is the right material for the job. We start with straight walls and avoid the hassles caused by warped studs that are often reflected on the drywall and exterior stucco when new and into the future. TimberStrand LSL used throughout our Nohea at Mauna Lani homes assures many years of trouble-free structural framing issues with your home.