Stand Up Paddling with LightSUP Hawaii

LightSUP Hawaii — Check Out Their Very Unique, Eco Tours Featuring their Custom and Unique Stand Up Paddle Board

My friends Kelly Nedved and Raymond Schmidt started LIGHTSUP stand up paddle tours several years ago to share their love of our the ocean and more particularly our beautiful reef off of the Kohala Coast. They guide Kaima Aina and visitors alike during daybreak and evening tours where their guests may see manta rays or many other sea creatures that feed in the evening or near day break.

I remember the first prototype of the board they now have in production for others to purchase and share the same experience around the world. Their special boards feature a clear acrylic port in the front of the board and LED lights embedded in the bottom to highlight and illuminate the multi-color reef and all it’s inhabitants.

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From their website:

Experience the evolution of Stand Up Paddling with Lightsup Hawaii! Our LightSUP Nightlight board, with its expansive viewing window and internal light ports provide our guests with the most amazing SUP experience, combining the stoke of paddling with the views of snorkeling, day or night! The miles of reef we explore and the marine life we admire are the most healthy and abundant in Hawaii. Our picnic on the beach is locally made and always organic. Our knowledgeable guides have years of experience and know all of the reef’s secret treasures. Come experience our one of a kind tour and our world famous LightSUP Hawaii Aloha!!