Wall Street Journal Article

Wall Street Journal article features my clients and my quotes on February 27, 2020

Lissette and I became acquainted with Nancy Keates, a Corespondent with the Wall Street Journal, recently as she was a guest at one of our client’s property. I began corresponding with Nancy before her arrival when Lissette learned that her trip was to research an article that was published today on Thursday, February 27, 2020. Nancy and I corresponded during the past month as she compiled statistics, research points, and more regarding all of the resorts mentioned in the article, including the final editing this week.

Two of my clients, who have purchased real estate within the Mauna Lani Resort in 2019, are quoted in the article, the Prevost family, and Anthony Giuffre. A full photo spread of the Prevost’s fabulous home and a great shot of Doug and Marcie themselves is featured.

Thank you, Nancy, for allowing me to participate in the research for your article! It was very informative and accurate!!

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