Welcome the New Year 2020!

Aloha Friends and Clients!

The New Year in 2020 was greeted with a record number of arrivals to our island from visitors and owners alike.  The beaches and beach clubs are full and a large North West swell showed up just in time for the new year also.  This record swell started on Tuesday and blessed us surfers well through Thursday morning.  Where I typically surf, the swell height was sometimes well over 8’-10’ producing a dangerous, barreling wave when it hit the reef.  The Surfline report was accurate as far as swell height and timing giving us fair warning.  Kawaihae Harbor, Hapuna, Mauna Kea and Spencer Beach park were all closed and not able to be surfed due to the large waves that closed out against the shoreline.

Fortunately for myself and a few others, we were able to find a few waves over the three day period that offered some big take offs and great rides that will definitely be logged in the “book of life”.  I was so excited to be in the water that I paddled out just after 6:00 am on all three days, sometimes in the dark, so that I could get ahead of the wind, choppy seas and other surfers and I was well rewarded.  After 6-7 months of placid seas, I always forget the power of the winter weather systems that produce these incredible swells until this season rolls around annually.

This is the season for buyers and sellers alike. There is more inventory to choose from this time of year for buyers as there are more sellers in town ready to trade properties and move up!!

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