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Market Update – March 2024

Market activity on the Big Island closed out the first quarter with continued upward trends in overall sales and prices for both single-family homes and condos across the island in March. Notably, there was an all-time record-high median sales price for residential properties, reaching $579,500, while condos reached their second-highest median price at $673,000. Condo… Read More »

Market Update – February 2024

Overall, real estate sales activity on the Big Island continues to increase, with total sales for single-family homes and condos rising for the third consecutive month. This surge has been accompanied by rising median sales prices and shorter days on the market. Median sales prices for single-family homes in various areas include: Kona at $1.2M,… Read More »

Market Update – January 2024

The Big Island real estate market continued to hold steady at the start of 2024 with total sales, median prices, and new listings remaining within recent ranges. In West Hawaii, the median sales price for a single-family home stands at $1,050,000, while a condo is priced at around $673,000. In contrast, East Hawaii sees a… Read More »

Market Update – December 2023

The Big Island’s housing market is showing an increase in overall activity in December 2023, partly due to decreasing mortgage interest rates that are likely to provide a favorable tailwind as we head into the New Year. Last month, the median sales prices were just below the year’s highs, with single-family homes at $860,000 in… Read More »

Market Update – November 2023

Sales activity on the Big Island came to a standstill in November, with both single-family home and condo sales recording their lowest marks since May 2020. As a result, days on market climbed up to 35 days for residential properties. Keen observers of the market will notice an uptick in listings and escrows, suggesting a… Read More »

Market Update – October 2023

It’s a tale of two markets. In October, single-family homes displayed strength, with median prices nearing record levels at $550,000 and a significant decline in days on the market to just 22 days. Conversely, the Big Island’s condo market is showing signs of weakness. Prices have fallen for the third consecutive month, and properties are… Read More »

Market Update – September 2023

Much remains unchanged in the Big Island’s overall real estate market for September 2023, with tighter market conditions continuing to prevail. Year-over-year, median prices for both single-family homes and condos remained flat, with properties taking slightly longer to sell. A lack of new inventory for sale will continue to favor sellers. Brief Overview: Island of… Read More »

Market Update – August 2023

Recent market conditions prevailed in August, with key indicators remaining relatively unchanged throughout the summer. As mortgage interest rates continue to rise above 7%, softer demand may be on the horizon. However, properties priced at or below the median sales prices for condos and single-family homes still sell quickly and often above the asking price.… Read More »

Market Update – July 2023

The real estate market on the Big Island traditionally demonstrates considerable strength during the summer months. This pattern held true for 2023, until a 30% drop in sales from the recent highs of June was observed in July. While year-over-year sales are down 20% across the state and much of the country, median prices are… Read More »

Market Update – June 2023

The real estate market on the Big Island is heating up with summer, as sales activity has seen a continual increase in recent months. With more buyers vying for properties, the median sales price for single-family homes has nearly reached record highs in both West Hawaii, at $1.16 million, and East Hawaii, at $450,000. Across… Read More »

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