Mattterport Videos for the newest hi-tech marketing campaigns!!

Marketing of real estate has changed in many ways since I first started in Atlanta 34 years ago. I remember the first shoebox size cell phones that replaced the pagers. I remember the rate was $1.00 a minute and the rushed conversations after answering a pager notification. It beat finding a pay phone but it made for $6-$800 monthly cost as well.

Drone videos and now Matterport virtual tours are adding to our ability to promote properties like we have never been able to in the past. Matterport technology enables a series of still photos, made with a proprietary camera, to take 360 degree images and blend them into a “tour”. They are now in Beta test mode to allow iPhones to capture the images instead of the special camera and also create the tours. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and created a tour of my own property. It turned out well but also illuminated how complex the software is and how much editing the photographer needed to do post image capture to create a great tour. Go to their website to check it out if interested:

Click on these links or see the tour above of one of my listings. The tour above is my listing at Nohea at Mauna Lani lot 10. I provide these to all of my clients as “sight unseen”, virtual tours have become the norm in this COVID-19 market. Plenty of buyers are purchasing properties around the world these days including several of my own buyer clients relying on these tours to give them enough detail to make an informed buying decision.

Nohea at Mauna Lani Lot 29

Nohea at Mauna Lani Lot 25

Nohea at Mauna Lani Lot 21

Nohea at Mauna Lani lot 10

Mauna Lani Point J-107

Call me for your custom marketing plan if you are considering selling. We have a low inventory marketplace and sellers are currently being rewarded with low days on market and higher prices!!!

From the Matterport website:


Scan any space — from a small room in a home or hotel to an entire office building or factory — with the Matterport Capture app. The accurate 3D results help you to make the most of your space’s potential, especially with the Matterport Pro2 camera. You automatically get stunning image quality and a suite of assets.

  • Works with compatible iPhones and iPads
  • Control a single camera, multiple cameras, or just use the camera on your phone
  • Scan in 360 or 3D mode
  • Capture your space with a simple press of a button
  • Collect accurate depth, data, and imagery
  • Manage your capture process as you move from point to point
  • Invite collaborators and create multiple accounts
  • Compatible with a 360, 3D, or lidar camera