Nohea at Mauna Lani Homes Feature Old World Stucco

Our Nohea at Mauna Lani homes features Texston’s Ortex Color Coat over three cement base layers on most of our homes’ exterior surfaces. This color coat resembles old world stucco with its mottled appearance. The Ortex final coat is a decorative, integrally colored finish for hard coat stucco systems. The Ortex Color Coat can create a rigid, smooth-trowelled finish or a gritty “old-world” look that emulates antique stone’s texture.

We like the smooth burnished surface that gives added character by including subtle pits and fissures. The material is formulated for strength and durability; Ortex contains a unique blend of dry polymer ad-mixtures and micro-fibers, contributing to superb adhesion, flexibility, workability, and durability.

Most builders use an elastomeric finish commonly used that looks like thick paint with a rough aggregate. Dryvit and Sto branded materials are typical examples of final elastomeric coatings. These coatings are hard-wearing but eventually fade and applied like paint. Not the Ortex finish! We use this material on the eve area also to reduce future maintenance on the entire exterior structure.

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